Why Should You Hire a Marketing Consultant?

Its human nature so I won’t take it personally. As a businessperson with limited financial resources there are many arguments that you can justify your decision not to hire a marketing professional.

One of the ones that anyone in sales or marketing will hear repeatedly is that “we don’t have the budget or that the “business needs to allocate those funds somewhere else”. While that might be a valid point, the question begs to be asked, does the business want any customers in a few months, a few years?
If a company doesn’t have a solid marketing strategy, potential customers won’t be able to learn about the business or its products and services.

Another argument against hiring a marketing consultant is that a company’s current marketing strategy works just fine, that there are enough “sales” for now. In business as in life, things can change very quickly.  All products sit somewhere on the Product Life Cycle. There are different marketing objectives at different stages of the product life cycle. If a company is in the growth stage, marketing serves to differentiate a company or brand from its competition resulting in higher sales and more market share.

It might be easier to say no (it’s much easier to say no than yes), saying no to marketing, could be the decision that keeps you in business or forces you out.