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I hired Silver Maple Communications to provide me with public relations and marketing services and they delivered far more than I ever expected. Bruce’s creativity was matched only by his professionalism, expertise and attention to detail. TradeMerit’s brand image has been greatly improved due to his ability to develop engaging marketing and public relations collateral that speaks to our target audience’s needs. For these reasons I recommend Silver Maple Communications to SMB’s that want to differentiate and accentuate their products and services.

Wael Aggan, Cofounder/CEO , TradeMerit Corp

I really liked the direction of the marketing plan that SMC prepared. It focused on providing innovative strategies to bring my product to market by developing a comprehensive plan that addressed my immediate goals and long-term objectives. SMC assured me that I was on the right track for my unique method of creating demand for my product and developed alternative promotion methods and provided me with a mailing list of my target market.

Kevin Dawson, President, Kevin’s Kandles

SMCommunications has done a great job! The marketing plan is very professional and detailed. I highly recommend this company for marketing projects.

Tatiana Vlassova, Director, Salt Crystal Health Center

I wish that I would’ve started working with Silver Maple Communications years ago; they really increased the amount of business that I get from my website. By building my brand through article submissions, creating and maintaining my Facebook and Twitter profiles and getting me on the 1st page of Google, Bruce has given me a new way to reach out to my clients. He’s established a professional presence for my chimney cleaning services and I would recommend that any contractor who would like to get more results out of their website give him a call – today!

Aaron Jubela, President, Professional Chimney Services

We hired Bruce to spice up our website and we found his work to be fresh and exciting. He understood our vision and target market immediately. He is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. We would definitely hire him again and recommend him to others.

Simonne Riedner, Project Manager, Alpha Translations

Simply put, Bruce is amazing. His easy and highly personable approach and humor is so refreshing when working together. SMC was one of the entities involved in the early draft of my venture’s business plan and I valued his keen research, insight, and most importantly source of advisory.

John Fisher, CEO, Idea Runway