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Is Social Media a Waste of Time ? The ROI on Social Media

Social media is everywhere. People communicate via Snapchat, share photos via Instagram, share videos through YouTube, give short updates via Twitter, tell people where they’re going on vacation on Facebook….maybe they shouldn’t be doing that.

Does Direct Marketing Still Get Results?

Many companies only use direct marketing to reach their potential customers. Direct marketing or direct response marketing covers all forms of marketing  that communicate directly with the customer, including text messaging,

Why Should You Hire a Marketing Consultant?

Its human nature so I won’t take it personally. As a businessperson with limited financial resources there are many arguments that you can justify your decision not to hire a marketing

Canada, an E-commerce Contradiction?

I buy books, CD’s and DVD’s (yes I believe in musicians, publishers and authors getting paid for their creative works), clothing and just about everything else online. And I am not the only Canadian